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The Intel announced the seventh generation core Kaby Lake processor

the Intel officially announced the full series of seventh generation core processors,which performance has been further optimized. Per saperne di più

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The world's top ten sensor manufacturers and related products inventory

The world's top ten sensor manufacturers and related products inventory, 1, Bosch ; 2, STMicroelectronics;3, Texas Instruments ;4, Avago Technologies ;5, Hewlett Packard HP;6、Qorvo;7, Knowles Electroincs;8, Invensense;9, Denso ;10, Sony Per saperne di più

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Cypress - Industry HDMI Alt Mode over USB-C connector solution for next-generation devices

Cypress have announced a complete solution for USB-C to native HDMI connections without adapters or converters. Per saperne di più

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Texas Instruments - Automotive single-channel digital potentiometer features I2C interface (TPL0401x-10-Q1)

The TPL0401x-10-Q1 device, from Texas Instruments, is a single-channel, linear-taper digital potentiometer with 128 wiper positions. Per saperne di più

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TDK - Robust capacitors suitable for EMI suppression in input filters

TDK Corporation has a new series of robust EPCOS MKP X2 capacitors for EMI suppression Per saperne di più

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Microchip - Ultra-small MEMS oscillators offer balance between power and performance (DSC6000 family)

Combining industry-leading low power consumption with exceptional frequency stability and jitter performance over temperature, in the smallest surface-mount packages, Microchip’s DSC6000 MEMS oscillators excel as clock references in small, battery-powered and industrial or automotive applications Per saperne di più

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Murata - Chip inductor improves performance for NFC applications (LQM18JN series)

Murata has introduced the LQM18JN series of chip inductors for NFC applications while overcoming inherent problems associated with previous NFC designs to offer a better, more consistent performance. Per saperne di più

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Vishay - Compact series ceramic disc capacitors offer extremely high reliability

Vishay Intertechnology’s VY1 Compact series of AC-line-rated ceramic disc safety capacitors is now qualified to the ‘biased 85/85’ accelerated life test. Per saperne di più

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Texas Instruments - Applications processors built to meet the needs of modern embedded products (AM571x)

Texas Instruments AM571x Sitara ARM applications processors are built to meet the intense processing needs of the modern embedded products. Per saperne di più


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