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Nuove Tecnologie

Record 1545
Pagina 1/86
Technology Cover

2019-10-07, Analog Devices - Precision voltage reference is an excellent option for high-temperature applications

Analog Devices LT6654BX 2.5V Precision Voltage Reference operates from voltages up to 36V and is fully specified from -40C to +175C.

Technology Cover

2019-10-07, Texas Instruments - Step-down converter in a small footprint

The TPS62827 from Texas Instruments is claimed to be the industry’s smallest 5V, 4A synchronous buck converter, and it has 2A and 3A friends in the same tiny QFN footprint.

Technology Cover

2019-10-07, Texas Instruments - Operational amplifiers for audio and industrial applications where signal fidelity is crucial

Texas Instruments OPA1656 Burr-Brown Operational Amplifiers are created specifically for audio and industrial applications where maintaining signal fidelity is crucial.

Technology Cover

2019-10-07, Microchip Technology - Simplified hardware-based IoT security for deployments of any size

As the number and types of connected devices proliferate, market fragmentation and security vulnerabilities in the IoT have created notable challenges for developers.

Technology Cover

2019-10-07, Toshiba - New driver IC offers an energy and cost-efficient alternative for obsolete devices

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched a dual-channel solenoid driver IC that gives a high-voltage drive with low ON resistance.

Technology Cover

2019-07-29, Low-offset low-power op-amps offer exceptional DC precision and AC performance

Texas Instruments OPAx990 Low-Offset Low-Power Op-Amps are a high voltage (40V) family of general purpose operational amplifiers.

Technology Cover

2019-07-29, Cost-effective snap-action switches deliver space savings on PCBs

C&K has launched its compact LCW series of sub-miniature sealed snap-acting switches.

Technology Cover

2019-07-29, Basic CAN FD transceivers fully meet ISO 11898-2:2016 requirements

Analog Devices ADM3050 Basic CAN FD Transceivers are 5.7kVrms isolated CAN physical layer transceivers able to provide 15Mbps data rates.

Technology Cover

2019-07-29, Display and light controller interfaces between user electronics and DMD for video display applications

Texas Instruments DLPC3479 DLP Display and Light Controller maintains the reliable operation of a DLP4710 digital micromirror device (DMD) for use in video display and light control applications.

Technology Cover

2019-07-29, New TVS diodes offer reliable ESD and voltage transient protection

Bourns offers two new TVS diode surge protection series created to satisfy the component miniaturisation demanded in today's highly integrated and high power density designs.

Technology Cover

2019-07-29, Microcontrollers deliver high-speed data processing for a wide range of options

The group is based on the ARM Cortex-M4 core with an FPU. It combines high-performance analog circuits, a broad range of timers and communication channels, and is offered in a mixture of packages, from 100 to 177 pins, with onboard flash memory varying from 512kB to 1536kB alongside up to 194kB of RAM and 32kB of data FLASH that can be rewritten up to 100,000 times.

Technology Cover

2019-07-29, Ultra-compact EMI/RFI shield clips for modern space-constrained electronic designs

Covering a surface area of only 2.3mm x 1.2mm and with a 2mm height, Harwin’s S0911-46R shield can clip is claimed to be the smallest surface mount EMI/RFI shield clip available on the market.

Technology Cover

2019-06-30, Surface mounting type MOSFET relays at the forefront of industry

OMRON's G3VM MOSFET relays are at the forefront of the industry in Solid State Relay technology, employing an input LED, PDA used as photocoupler and MOSFET chip in the load switching current.

Technology Cover

2019-06-30, Highly efficient I2C controlled boost-mode battery charger

Texas Instruments bq25887 I2C Controlled Boost-Mode Battery Charger is a highly-integrated 2A boost switch-mode battery charge management device for 2-cell (2S) Li-Ion and Li-polymer battery.

Technology Cover

2019-06-30, New inductor range addresses power density and efficiency challenges

KEMET Corporation has launched a new series of SMD metal composite power inductors. Devices in the new METCOM series are perfect for producing more efficient DC to DC switching power supplies as well as additional power-related applications including EMI filtering.

Technology Cover

2019-06-30, 5G-ready jitter attenuators enhances system reliability and performance

Silicon Labs has extended its family of Si539x jitter attenuators with new device options providing a fully integrated reference, improving system reliability and performance while simplifying PCB layout in high-speed networking designs.

Technology Cover

2019-06-18, Vishay - New products offer designers a source for widely used coils in wireless charging pads

Vishay Intertechnology has expanded its portfolio of Qi-compliant wireless charging transmitter and receiver coils with 14 new products in industry-standard shield sizes.

Technology Cover

2019-06-18, Texas Instruments - Non-synchronous boost controllers offer a small solution size

Texas Instruments LM5155 Non-Synchronous Boost Controllers provide a broad input range and uses peak current mode control. The device enables boost, SEPIC, and flyback topologies.